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Cherry & Peach Bellini

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When was the last time you really enjoyed your bath? Chances are, with increasingly busy schedules, you can’t spend all day relaxing in a bathtub. But that’s fine. Half an hour is all we need to give you an incredible, soothing bathing experience. One bath and you’ll be ready to tackle your remaining tasks with warrior-like enthusiasm.

To enjoy that experience, though, you need the right products.

Our Cherry & Peach Bellini cold process soap is the perfect choice to assist you. Embedded with a yummy cherry scent which stays around all day, Cherry & Peach Bellini soap is an absolute delight. With a flowery icing top adding an aesthetically pleasing touch to this handmade product, Cherry & Peach Bellini is unique. Above all, it will take immense care of your skin by getting rid of dry pores and giving you that radiant, youthful complexion which gets heads turning.

What makes Cherry Bomb special?

  • Organic product, with no added preservatives 
  • Fights bacteria with olive oil component
  • Contains soybean oil, an excellent source of Vitamin E
  • Features coconut oil, an organic cleansing component

  • Taking care of your skin while relaxing in a spa-like bath seems to be just about the perfect combination. 

    Height: 3.5"

    Width: 2.3"

    Thick: 1"

    Net 4oz

    Shipping to the United States - 1-3 days. Please consider that processing the order may take 1-5 days.

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