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Leaf Shaped Soap Dish

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No More Slippery And Melting Soap. Keep It Steady, Dry & Accessible!


Do you often find your bar soaps to be soggy, misshapen or having a mildew smell to it? This ingenious innovation helps soap bars drain properly and has an elegant leaf design that will look amazing next to your sink.



It eliminates the frustration of having puddles and melting bars of soap because this container is tilted to mimic a waterfall that drains water back into the sink. It keeps your bar soaps dry, and your hands and bathroom counter happy.




Keeps Soaps Dry: Water can flow directly from the diversion port into the sink, keeping the soap dry and steady in place. This makes soaps last much longer, which will save your money on the long run and make your bathroom sink or shower mess-free!



Compact size: The best part of leaf shaped soap dish is that it does not take too much space. It is very compact and it can be placed in any corner of the bathroom and cabinet. It’s definitely suitable for multipurpose use.




Premium quality: Our leaf shaped soap dish is made of premium thickened recyclable PP plastic, compared to ordinary plastic, has a certain degree of softness, is more durable, resistant to falling and has a longer service life.



Multipurpose: You can use our leaf shaped dish to hold many other things besides traditional soaps – soaps, sponges, brushes, etc. This is why we suggest you to get more than one of them and keep all of your cleaning accessories well organized!



Smart shape: The problem of the ordinary soap holders were there for years and there was not solution for it. The soaps kept falling apart and kept being messy. The intermediate triangle shape can divert water while holding the soap in place. This special smart shape is what our soap dish makes special!


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