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Rust Remover Spray

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Rust Remover Spray Restores Your Old Purchases By Instantly Removing Hard Rust With Total Ease!



This Rust Remover Spray penetrates crevices deeply, displaces moisture, dissolves corrosion, and leaves a clean, waxy coating with lasting durability-without using toxic materials! This remover contains active factor which promotes rapid decomposition of grease and rust from most metal surfaces.



Perfect way to stop tools, vehicles, tanks and other implements—anything with a rusted steel or iron surface- from further rusting/ corroding with a protective coating. Also specifically developed to act as lubricant to reduce friction for extending lifespan of machines.




Strong Rust Removal – Instantly dissolves and removes rust and fine particles from the metal surface caused by atomization/ oxidation.



For Multiple Use – Applies to chrome, magnesium, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal surfaces to restore luster.



Requires No Special Equipment – No need to wear gloves, or masks or any protective gears! It is absolutely safe to use around kids and pets!



Easy To Use  Just spray and wipe! No elbow greasing of any kind involved!


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