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Toothpaste Dispenser

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Toothpaste Dispenser – a multifunctional toothpaste holder that will help you every morning by dispensing just the right amount of paste directly onto your toothbrush!



Toothpaste Dispenser has an innovative design with an easy to install procedure and you can easily replace the toothpaste tube whenever needed. It will not just eliminate any chance of wastage but will also keep your bathroom sink clean, dry and mess-free.



Toothpaste Dispenser comes with four mouthwash cups that can be kept in the dispenser, thus proving to be the best choice when it comes to caring about your everyday morning routine. This lightweight and compact dispenser can hold up to five toothbrushes in different slots and a built-in compartment is specially designed to keep other toiletries.




Swift operation: Toothpaste Dispenser does not require any electricity or batteries as a power source. Simply push on the lever once and it will dispense the right amount of toothpaste on your brush, eliminating any chances of spillage or leakage of the paste.



Perfect for kids and adults: This dispenser is suitable to be used by the entire family. You can now put up two different kinds of toothpaste simultaneously, one for yourself and one for your kids as Toothpaste Dispenser has dual dispensers, making it more efficient and versatile.



Magnetic absorption: The cup holder is specially designed with magnetic absorption technology which will hold the cup upside down and ensure quick drainage of water so that no residual stays behind after each use.



Easy to clean: In order to clean the lids and toothpaste holder, you can easily disassemble the parts, wash them well and put them together again like it was.



Easy installation: You will not require any tools or nails to set this up in your bathroom as it comes with a suction mount that can be taped to the wall and then simply attach the dispenser to the mount.


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